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Automatic Filtration Systems


Fully automatic backwash systems for filtration and polishing of many liquids including cleaners, plating solutions or treated waste streams. Systems utilize permanent media. Flow rates to 500 GPM (1892 l/min).


Titan Filtration Systems

Unique to any other filtration system available, the TITAN series is the result of SERFILCO's ongoing commitment to developing "up flow" and "down flow" permanent media filtration technology.
The combination of high flow permanent media, automatic operation and proven success makes the SERFILCO TITAN superior to any other filter available. Easy to install and operate, manufactured with high quality corrosion resistant materials, TITAN systems will provide years of trouble-free operation.

Poro-Edge Automatic Water Strainer
Automatic Backwash:

Internal backwash assembly uses small portion of process stream to clean multiple Poro-Edge strainer tubes individually and consecutively without interruption of flow.

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Liquid Filter System

The ADAMS IWF system is a multiple element tubular filter designed to remove fine particulate from liquid process streams. With a filter aid precoat, it will remove particulate as fine as 0.3 micron with flow rates in excess of 2 gallons per minute per square foot of filter area.

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