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Cartridge Filtration Chambers


In-line housings constructed of plastic, rubber-lined steel, stainless steel or carbon steel. Operating pressures to 300 PSI, ASME code design and custom models. Designed for depth wound, high solids loading cartridges. Capacities from 1 to 2600 cartridges or for use with discs, sleeves or bags. Granular carbon and ion exchange chambers for efficient organic removal are also available. 

Plastic Filter Chambers

Filter Chambers by Serfilco are offered for use with single open ended or double open ended depth type, wound, pleated, melt-blown, or carbon cartridges. Our range of filter chambers also includes those that accept horizontal disc, bag, bulk resins and carbons. Materials of construction range from PVC to PP, PVDF, CPVC and our exclusive high temperature PP, known as PPP.

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Metal Filter Chambers

Our metallic filter vessels are available in carbon steel, SS304 and SS316, many are designed according to ASME standards and are available non-stamped or code stamped. For applications from sulfuric acid to seawater and with flow ranges from 1 to 13,000 gpm and pressure ratings to 300 psi, there is a SERFILCO filter for nearly every liquid purification and liquid filtration chambers application.