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Centrifugal Seal-Less Magnetic Drive Pumps


Centrifugal type constructed of polypropylene, ETFE or PVDF. Designed for recirculation, transfer pumping and process system filtering of chemicals, solvents and light oils. Flow rates to 330 GPM (983 l/min). Self-priming models available.

(W)MD Series - Magnetic Drive Pumps

Iwaki America, the world leader in small magnetically coupled centrifugal pump technology, offers the premier line of non-metallic centrifugal pumps.

Extraordinarily high efficiencies make WMD & MD the clear choice in almost every process, recirculation or transfer application. Choose standard alumina ceramic bearing materials and polypropylene, or optional SiC (silicon carbide) and ETFE (fluoropolymer) for your most aggressive or highest purity requirement.

MX(F) Series - Magnetic Drive Pumps

The MX Series pumps represent the latest state of the art design in plastic magnetic drive pumps. With the experience gained from previous generations of MDH pumps, the MX Series has been engineered to meet the most severe operating conditions.

When fitted with a carbon bearing, the MX will allow for brief periods of dry running. The new “self radiating structure” (patent pending), in addition to the existing proven non-contact principle with front and rear supported spindle, greatly improves the ability to withstand cavitation and running against a closed discharge valve.


MXM Series - Magnetic Drive Pump

MXM Series pumps offer the best combination of durability, safety and performance for a wide range of chemical process applications..

With proven dry run capability and our unique self-radiating bearing lubrication circuit, (patent pending) the MXM is able to withstand process-upset conditions. Close-coupled back pull-out design with individually replaceable internal parts maximizes ease of maintenance, while minimizing operating costs.

MDM Series - Magnetic Drive Pump

Iwaki's MDM chemical process pumps are designed to solve the most demanding chemical handling applications. Two materials of construction and convenient mounting configurations allow MDM to handle many aggressive chemical and high purity applications. MDM pumps feature a unique non-contact system design that enable them to withstand dry running in comparison with conventional magnetic drive pumps made of fluororesin.