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Drum, Carboy & Hand Dispensing Pumps



Self-priming for safe transfer of acids, alkalies,solvents and various chemicals from drums, carboys, tanks, etc. Available in polypropylene, stainless steel or PVDF, with air, open, enclosed or explosion-proof motors. Worm screw style available for high viscosity liquids. Hand operated dispensing pumps for chemicals and solvents. Drum transfer Batch control systems.



Drum Pumps

Performance: 33 gpm

Drum Pump Batch Control Systems

SERFILCO Smart Pumps are engineered to control, measure and dispense any volume of liquid from drums, IBCs, tanks and any large storage vessel. They can be used in any industry where batching, chemical packaging or dilution is required to be accurate and efficient.

High Viscosity Drum Pump

SERFILCO Progressive Cavity pumps are engineered to transfer high viscosity materials from drums, tanks and IBC's. Utilizing the principle of positive displacement, these pumps deliver a continuous flow with little product degradation. The series 700 (Industrial) and series 800 (Sanitary) pumps can transfer materials ranging in viscosity up to 100,000 cps/ mPas.