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Hydraulic, Lubricating & Oil Filters



Units are designed to remove abrasive contaminants and moisture from reservoirs or for transfer pumping of hydraulic, lubricating or turbine fluids. They can also be used for maintaining high clarity in hydraulic oils used for injection molding and die cast machines. Stationary and portable models are available. All models use throw-away filter cartridges. Optional coalescing chambers are available for separating water/oil mixtures.

Oil Filtration

Trans-O-Filter Systems effectively filter petroleum and synthetic fluids to remove abrasive grit and damaging sludges which contaminate and accumulate in hydraulic and lubricating oil circuits and reservoirs.

They protect your machinery and system investments by eliminating pump damage, scored cylinders and the malfunction of valves and controls attributed to the destructive action of dirty or rancid oil. These systems offer you high flow rates and large dirt holding capacities in very compact packages. Each unit is designed to be completely self-contained; consisting of pump, motor, suction strainer and hoses. Carbon steel filter chamber will accommodate filter media down to 1 micron retention to meet your specific requirements.