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801 Series


Reverse Osmosis Pre-filtration, Municipal Drinking Water Filtration, Commercial/Residential Drinking Water Filtration, Desalination Pre-filtration, Industrial Water Filtration, Cooling Tower Filtration, Chill Water Loop Filtration, Food & Beverage Filtration, Marine / Aquatic Filtration, Industrial Coolant Filtration


Filter media: Polyester-Plus™, Center tubes: Molded ABS or rigid PVC, End caps: Plastisol (pliablePVC), except urethane on HT series


.35, 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 microns


Please see product bulletin for details


- Pleated design for more surface area

- Engineered media for superior performance

- Thermally bonded end caps to ensure better sealing, Color coded end caps for easy micron identification

- FDA approved materials - NSF 61 certified

- Cleanable and reusable in most applications and micron sizes

- Full product line - largest selection of micron ratings, High Temperature cartridges available (not NSF 61 Listed)

Designed for HIF, BC, HMC and FSSS Filter Housings

Highly efficient filter cartridges made of pleated Polyester-Plus™ filter media. The industry’s largest surface area.

Lower overall operating cost Longer filter runs for fewer change outs Lower initial pressure drops Reduced maintenance down time and cost Increased contaminant removal High flow capability


Premium Polyester Filter Cartridges Product Bulletin

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