About our company

Providing Pumping Solutions & Filtering Innovations

Today, the three ‘R’s of industry are Recycle, Reclaim and Re-use. A strict adherence to these tenets reflects our intense concern for the environment and for the conservation of natural resources. With modern filtration technology at work in your facility, you can reduce waste, lower your manufacturing costs and enhance product integrity. Our applications engineers can help you prove the economic value of clarification and purification of your process solutions and waste streams.

We will draw upon our team’s 75 years of combined technical experience in supplying pumping and filtration equipment to recommend the best equipment for your application every time. Service Filtration of Canada offers a wide range of pumps, filters, packaged systems, accessories and related control instruments to provide one-stop shopping for all your liquid handling needs.

Why Customer Choose Us

We stock and distribute a large number of equipment from different manufacturers. This allows us to offer our customers alternative solutions to optimize their application processes while minimizing their costs. Our solutions may lead to: reduced emissions, reduced waste, energy savings, lower maintenance costs, and most importantly, a risk reduction in system failure. Contact us today for more information.
Passionate Approach

Passionate Approach

We take great pride in selecting, assembling, and repairing our equipment.

Innovative Pattern

Our pumps and filtration systems are selected & manufactured to meet your applications requirements.

Custom Exclusive Design

We have one of the most diversified product portfolios to ensure you get the best equipment installed into your facility.

High Quality Products

We represent the industry leading manufacturers for pumps and filtration systems. Leveraging our in-house testing facility, our assembled pumps are tested to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.

Express Delivery Options

Expedite services available upon request, we can assemble & ship stocked pumps the same day via several different transportation methods.


We carry a large amount of inventory to ensure your production never goes down. We also provide our customers with the opportunity to place blanket purchase orders with our firm to stock specifically for you.


Since 1988, Service Filtration of Canada has been successfully supplying thousands of companies across Canada by supplying them with the best equipment available on the market. We stock, distribute, assemble, and repair: Pumps, Filtration Equipment, Liquid Heaters, and much more. We represent industry leading manufacturers and have a team dedicated to your liquid handling needs. We stay up to date on the latest technologies available in the market place that enable liquid processors the ability to improve quality, reduce maintenance costs, achieve operator efficiency, and protect the environment.

Global Products, Local Service & Advice You Can Rely On

Service First

Service Filtration of Canada’s number one goal is to be proactive and meet our customers’ requirements as best as we can. We professionally serve a various number of industries throughout Canada by conquering the challenges imposed by a global economy and increasingly stringent governmental controls regarding safety and waste reduction. We constantly strive to live up to the “Service” name we started with over 30 years ago. At Service Filtration of Canada, we’ve found our reward is serving you.