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HCHT Series


Hot Water Loops, Boiler Make-up Water, Petrochemical, Lubricating Oil, Cutting Fluids, Solvents, Distillate Fuel, Fuel Oil, Hydraulic Fluids, Bio Fuels


Filter media: polyester or cellulose phenolic, Center Core: powder coated perforated metal, End Caps: injection molded (Suffix HT) or powder coated metal (Suffix HTM)


5,10,20,50 micron


Please see product bulletin for details


- Fewer cartridges for fewer change outs and lower maintenance cost

- Pleated surface area provides higher loading capacity for longer filter life and increased particle removal

- High surface area (40, 90 and 170 sq. ft.) in a single cartridge design

- Pleated filter media provides higher flow rates and lower initial pressure drop

- Aqueous and oil based fluid applications

Designed for Hurricane® and WaterBetter® Housings

High temperature pleated cartridges for high capacity filtration. Two types of filter media for flexibility: Polyester-Plus™ and Cellulose Phenolic.

High flow capability Two types of pleated media for flexibility Lower overall operating cost Longer filter runs for fewer change outs Increased contaminant removal


Premium Hurricane® High-Temp Cartridges Product bulletin

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