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Mega - Flo


Electroplating, Printed Circuit Board, Waste and Water Treat, Fume Scrubber, Cooling Tower Reservoir




8500 - 21500 gpm


Please see product bulletin for details


- High flow rate 8,500 to 21,000gph

- High capacity - to 130 10" cartridges

- Optional 30 gallon slurry tank

- Easy cartridge changeout

- Reduce chemical consumption by maintaining solution quality

- Non-metallic, PVC CPVC PPP construction

- Optional 21 - 84 lb. capacity carbon chamber

- NEMA 4X motor starter with overload protection

- Improve finished goods and process quality, minimize scrap and rework

- Minimize bath maintenance and downtime with high flow continuous particle removal

MEGA-FLO filtration systems are compact, high flow, high capacity systems which are corrosion resistant, easy to install and simple to operate. You can choose PVC construction for applications to 140°F or SERFILCO®'s exclusive PPP, PP construction for applications to 180° F. Systems are available with a single or double mechanical seal pump or with a magnetic coupled PP pump to meet almost any application. Double seal pumps are recommended for use with solutions having ferrous metal particles, excessive abrasives and for solutions which crystallize when cooled. In addition, the double water flush seal pump is an excellent choice for applications requiring dry-run operation. Filter chambers feature rugged machined construction with oversized ports for low pressure differential. Low pressure drop and high surface area (solids holding capacity) mean long periods of high flow, continuous dirt removal between cartridge changes. Select a system which will provide 3.5 - 7.0 square ft. of solids holding area per 50 gallons of solution. Flow rate should be 2 - 10 tank turnovers per hour, depending on clarity desired. Coarse media and high flows are desirable for high dirt load applications. Increasing the number of cartridges reduces solution flow per cartridge, improves efficiency and reduces cartridge consumption.


F-304 Mega-Flo Filtration Systems Product Bulletin

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0585 Mega-Flo Filtration System Operation and Service Guide

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7725 Mega-Flo Canister Chamber Parts List

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7775 MEGA-FLO Filtration System Parts List

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7776 MEGA-FLO Cartridge Chamber PVC / CPVC Parts List

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7781 Mega Flo PP Chamber Parts List

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