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Non-Metallic: Polypropylene AODD


Wine, Vinegar, Soy sauce, Plant oils, Fruit juice, Fish oil, Mustard, Molasses, Ketchup, Spirits, Gravy, Corn syrup, Shampoo, Glycerin, Liquid soaps, Honey, Ointments, Fluoride, Hand cream, Glycerin, Formaldehyde Dyes, Toothpaste, Bath gels (PLEASE NOTE SOME APPLICATIONS MIGHT BE BETTER FITTED WITH A METALLIC AODD)




Max Flow: 145GPM


Please see technical flyer for details


- FDA compliant unfilled polypropylene wetted components

- Polypropylene or powder coated aluminum non-wetted parts

- Threaded or ANSI/DIN/ISO flanged connections (connection options vary by pump size)

- Smooth, easy to clean finish

- Stainless steel fasteners

FDA-compliant Non-Metallic AODD pumps are specifically constructed of materials safe for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic processes where 3A, USDA, or EHEDG standards are not required.

The simple, durable design features a non-stalling air valve, lube free operation, On/Off reliability, ease of operation & maintenance, and delicate/shear-sensitive product handling.

FTI Air® FDA-compliant AODD pumps adhere to the highest quality and industry standards:

  • FDA CFR21.177
  • EC Directive 1935/2004/EC
  • ATEX (metallic only)
  • CE

Polypropylene FDA Technical Flyer

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