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High purity water / Precious metal recovery Recirculated rinses / Waste treatment Heavy metal removal




Please see product bulletin or description for details


Please see product bulletin for details


Please see product bulletin or description for details

MIXED BED RESIN For make-up water and recirculated rinses MB400 and MB400IND(w/indicator dye) Mixed bed resin is designed for use in a single column or multiple columns in series to provide water to a 20kω endpoint (25ppm). Average quality less than 0.1ppm prior to breakthrough. Use to demineralize make-up water such as for plating and EDM. MB378 Specially blended resin for pure recirculation of EDM systems. Provides maximum capacity for metallic ions. Not recommended for raw make-up water. Requires monitoring with a conductivity meter ANION RESINS For gold and silver recovery from rinse water. Can hold as much as 120 ounces per cu. ft., but is typically used up to only 50 to 75% of capacity. A600 for acid gold recovery and silver recovery from Silver photographic solutions can be regenerated in a two-step operation using dilute sulfuric acid and a tap water rinse which causes the silver to precipitate in the resin. After up to 10 cycles the silver is recovered by incineration. A600OH An anion resin in the OH- form maintains a high pH and helps prevent formation of hydrogen cyanide gas. Capacity for gold is 100 ounces per cu. ft. maximum. This anion resin is also used in two-step demineralization systems with the cation resin in the hydrogen form. CATION RESINS C100E Supplied in the sodium form will remove heavy metals from rinse waters for discharge. It will also remove calcium and magnesium which will reduce its capacity for copper, nickel, trivalent chromium. We suggest the use of softened rinse water. C100H Same function as the sodium form, but the discharge will be acidic. The cation resin in the hydrogen form is used with the anion resin in the OH form (A600-OH) in two-step demineralization processes. SPECIFIC ION RESINS Specific ion resins have the capacity to remove specific types of metals from waste streams in the presence of other ions that would normally exhaust the resin. This ability allows the treatment of much larger volumes than with ordinary non-specific resins. Consult the Sales Department for specific details. S930 for Heavy metals removal Copper, Nickel, Chrome, Zinc and Lead as cations at pH's above 5 S920 for Precious metal removal from acid streams including aqua regia at pH 0-6, non-regenerable. Also for mercury removal as cation or anion S950 for Heavy metal removal from waste streams.




Serfilco Product Bulletin R-208 Ion Exchange Resins

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