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- Surface Finishing - Plating




- Heater will not operate if any safety system fails or is tampered with


- Autonomous system can operate without external controls

- Real-time temperature and safety system monitoring

- Process data log sent via email

- Programmable maintenance schedule and alerts

- Assured safety lowers total cost of ownership

- Improved quality through advanced process control

- Simplified setup from any smart device – user programmable schedules for daily operations

- Automatic email alerts for operating, safety, maintenance events. Up to 3 addresses

- Multiple heating units linked via wireless mesh network

- Notification of failed heating elements

- Increased uptime with automatic real-time alerts

Leveraging the power of IoT, TOMTECH by Process Technology is a heating system that operates autonomously without external controls in an easy set-and-forget mode. "Imagine real-time tank monitoring at your fingertips from any smart device," said Sid Srivastava, Co-CEO of Process Technology. "Using your device, each heater can be programmed and set up to run automatically, sending immediate email alerts of undesirable conditions. We've also designed multiple redundant layers of safety to ensure heaters won't operate if any safety system fails or is bypassed. Using the power of SOC, Wi-Fi connectivity, and proprietary firmware that we developed for the Surface Finishing Industry, which has unique safety challenges and operational needs, we have brought a new level of control and monitoring."

Proprietary IoT technology makes TOMTECH a feature-rich, easy-to-use solution for companies that are invested or want to invest in Smart Manufacturing (Manufacturing 4.0) to increase uptime, improve quality, and lower the total cost of ownership with assured safety.

Multi-layered Safety:

  • Multiple, redundant safety devices: TCO, thermal TC protector, and liquid level control

  • Heater will not operate if any safety system fails or is tampered with

Proprietary Multiple Unit MESH Network:

  • Meshed multiple units operate from the same “master” unit per tank

  • Easy to add more units per tank

  • Self-healing mesh network ensures secondary units operate safely and accurately