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CB Cartridge Bag




Entire system constructed of corrosion resistant materials for long service life


1800 gph


Please see product bulletin for details


- Completely pre-engineered and assembled

- Permits water reuse

- Provides better cleaning

- No backwash required

- Quick change reusable filter media means fast payback

- Prevents nozzle plugging

- Prevents pollution

- Available with automatic on / off pump control

Typical applications include the removal of particles from glass and plastic in bottle washing operations and the removal of board fiber, wheel grit, copper and other metals from water used in PC board deburring and scrubbing equipment. The first stage employs a primary filter tank containing 8 gravity flow filter bags to collect bulk particles separated from rinse water. This stage provides 17.6ft² of filter surface area and is capable of filtering particles from 100 micron to 5 micron, depending upon the micron rating of the filter bags selected. The filter bags are attached to a manifold with cam-lock quick-disconnect couplings for minimal down-time when servicing. The manifold includes an overflow vent which prevents backup of system flow. A circulating pump can be manually activated, or automatically activated with an optional level control, to transfer the filtered water from the primary filter tank to the second stage. This stage consists of a final trap filter chamber which uses a 2 micron pleated paper filter cartridge with 32ft² of surface area to polish the water so that clear water can be recycled to the process or discharged to a drain.

PRIMARY FILTER TANK Eight 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 micron PP filter bags (order separately) with quick-disconnect couplings provide 17.6 sq. ft. (1.6 sq. m) total area primary filtration by gravity flow to a 36" x 24" x 32" (914 x 610 x 813 mm) deep polyethylene reservoir. Reservoir provided with cover.

AVAILABLE WITH: PVDF CENTRIFUGAL PUMP Provides 30 US. GPM at 18 PSI @ 60 Hz (95 LPM at 1.2 bar @ 50 Hz) with FKM mechanical seal and "O"-ring. Flow control valve on 1" PVC pipe between pump and final filter. or NORYL® SELF-PRIMING CENTRIFUGAL PUMP Provides 30 US. GPM at 21 PSI @ 60 Hz (95 LPM at 1.4 bar @ 50 Hz) with FKM mechanical seal and "O"-ring. Flow control valve on 1" PVC pipe between pump and final filter.

FINAL TRAP FILTER CHAMBER Constructed of PVC with quick opening swing bolts and tee handles. Supplied with pressure gauge. Includes one 4" x 36" pleated paper filter cartridge of 2 micron, 32 sq. ft. (3.0 sq. m.) expanded filter area. VINYL COATED STEEL BASE


F-601 Series 'CB' CartridgeBag Filtration Systems Product Bulletin

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Serfilco Operations & Service Guide 1050 Series 'CB' Cartridge - Bag Filtration Systems

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Serfilco Parts List 9600 Series 'CB' Cartridge / Bag Filtration System

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